Saturday, June 24, 2006

still no pages to post

Well, my birthday was great. I had such a good day at work and we had a yummy dinner and cake that night. The weather was terrible so we just stayed home and had a quiet night. I love those.

I haven't been doing too much scrapbooking, I've been busy trying to set up a scrapbooking area in our bedroom. Decorated some of those metal buckets from the $1 bin at Target (love that!) for pens and scissors and tools, etc. They turned out really cute. I also bought some really big jars with lids at Walmart for ribbon and embellishments and stuff. I haven't decorated those yet but I'll probably just do something to the lids anyway. Now I just need to find some shelves and desk/table and I'll be all set. For now, I have a card table in there but it's definitely temporary.

All that organizing and looking through stuff made me really want to do something scrapbook-ish so I finally started on my birthday book from Sweetwater. I really like it so far, it's turning out super cute :) I'll post some pictures later this weekend. I also have a great page started in my head for a picture of Hannah getting her senior pictures taken. That one might be done this weekend, we'll see.

So I'm back at it, with about three projects going on at the same time. Pictures soon, I'm sure.

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Christine R said...

Sounds great!Glad you had a great birthday and I agree relaxed ones at home with the ones you love are the best! After this weekend I won't be scrapbooking that much until Shane leaves! Have fun getting your area all together. I love those dollar finds. I didn't decorate mine but they are filled with buttons and stuff! Have a great time!