Sunday, August 06, 2006


There was a challenge posted at the Fiskateers blog about using a bad travel photo in a layout. This is my entry:

Terrible picture, but it's still funny :)


Christine R said...

I really like it!

Are you doing the Dares challenge? I have never posted on 2peas before and that's where you have to post...can you give me some tips on how to post a layout there?

Brittany's Corner said...

great job on the layout. good luck on winning!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks guys! It's funny now (to me) but at the time, it wasn't. I haven't done any of the Dares challenges. They're a bit intimidating for some reason :)

Posting to 2peas is weird. It took me a while to figure it out. Under the 2peas banner, click on Peanut Gallery. Below that click on New Post. A form will open with information about your layout. I'm not sure if you have to fill it out or not but I always do, as much as I can. I assume you will need to enter something about the Dares challenge in the comments or title.

Below that are the Layout Techniques checkboxes. Once everything is filled out, you have to hit the Submit button before you can upload your image. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to find the upload form. Browse for your layout and click the Submit button and you're done! You can click on View the Latest under the Peanut Gallery to see how it looks.

Are you posting your layouts to your blog also or just 2peas?

Christine R said...

thanks Michelle..I'm going to write all that down. Oh I'll post on my blog too! Who knows I could be eliminated the first looks like their are about 400 people participating!