Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I love Hambly Screen Prints

Why did I not know how awesome those Hambly papers and overlays are? I got some seriously gorgeous stuff. Check out this page I did for our friends who got married two weeks ago:


It took me forever to do this layout. I've been looking at it for two days and have been thinking about it forever. I bought some of those MM eyelet words (the wedding ones, of course) months ago with the intent to use them on this page and it was really hard to get there somewhere that looked good. I do like the way the ribbon in the flower turned out. I saved that ribbon from their program so I could use it somehow. Anyway, this is it. I hope they like it. Posted by Picasa


Christine R said...

love it!

where'd you find the Hambly? I really want to get some! Love it Michelle..great job!

Michelle said...

I ordered it from their website:

I haven't seen it in stores around here but I didn't really know to look for it. Hopefully I'll come across some now that I do know.

Chris said...

Fun thing about the Hmably prints that I just learned at CKU... They mix a vanilla scent in with the inks when they print them. So go ahead, smell those transparencies. They're yummy!

Michelle said...

I did smell them and they are yummy! The dog didn't like the scent though, there must be something else in there that I couldn't smell but she sure did.