Friday, October 06, 2006

Sorry for not updating more. Work has been crazy and home has been crazy and the time just got away from me. We went to the middle school night game last night because Casey is in the band and they were playing at halftime. It was fun! They did a great job and played during the pregame warmup and when the team scored too. It's always nice to get out and watch the kids do something.

The only problem last night was the weather! The high temperature yesterday was only 60 degrees so by 8pm it was probably in the low 50's. Man, we were freezing! I don't think I thawed out until morning :) I took some pictures but I used my 35mm so you'll have to wait to see them until they're developed and scanned. Could be a while, right?

I see that my guy didn't get voted out on Survivor this week. Amazing!


Brittany's Corner said...

i was shocked about JP getting the boot, but i think he was stupid to act like he was the KING with all of those women.....don't f with the women when you are out numbered dude!!! i was shocked that two of the guys voted him off!!! what a good show.....

glad you had a great time at the game with your hubby. i love to watch my kids do their times i have are watching my babies!!! love the cold weather!!! curl up next to your warm hubby and get crazy!! LOL

Christine R said...

Your guy is in as long as he keeps bringing in those fish not to mention that he's pretty darn good in the challenges....when he's not throwing them! LOL. Good luck to you. Still waiting on just a few more and I'll get a final photo of the booty. Glad you had a great time watching yours perform! I hate when I get chilled to the bone but seeing what they do is totally worth it!