Thursday, November 02, 2006

Work is driving me crazy this week. So much so that I've been coming home and pretty much doing nothing but relaxing. Casey was sick on Tuesday so we didn't go trick or treating. She was pretty sad about it but it was her decision not to go :( So instead we stayed home and she hung out on the couch and read a book while I hung out on the loveseat and worked on my recipe pages and Stephen played video games on the computer and Hannah was at work and Brian went to see about taking some college classes so he could do something with his degree. As Casey said before she went to bed, this was the lamest Halloween ever.

My car isn't working, I think it's the starter. My brother is going to come over sometime this weekend to check it out. I've been driving Brian's car which means I have to get up an hour early to take him to work. I hate getting up early.

On the positive side, my recipe cards are turning out pretty cute and it's almost Friday and I only work from 8 to noon tomorrow. I think we're going to watch my brother-in-law's band on Saturday so that should be fun. And there's a new CSI tonight!

Announcing the winner of my RAK tomorrow. This has been fun :)

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Brittany's Corner said...

sorry you're having a bad time of it! maybe next week will be much better....hang in there.