Tuesday, December 19, 2006


So I switched to Beta blogger and just wanted to see if I could still post pictures. This is a picture of our nephew at his first birthday party. Too cute!!!

He's so damn adorable. I took tons of pictures, probably enough for his own album :) The day after the party, Stephen shaved his head:

I'm surprised that I like it, but I really do! What I don't like is how big he is getting. Why do our kids have to grow up?


The Hallman Tribe said...

glad your pictures took....they are adorable!! i hate that the kids grow up so fast, but i can say that having a 4 year old is very trying!!!! hope you have a great week

Christine R said...

so glad your able to post pics. I was the first time I used it and then I wasn't. Hopefully, they've fixed it and I just don't know. That baby is a cutie patootie! I like the shaved head look too!

Michelle said...

Britt, having three teenagers is very trying too. But I don't think I would want to go back to when they were that small!

Christine, of course you still like the shaved head look. You're a military wife :)