Sunday, February 11, 2007

new project

Hannah is graduating this year :( I'm seriously sad about this. I don't feel like she's old enough to graduate. Even though I know she's 18, she's still one of my babies. Her plans after graduation are to move to Boston and stay with my aunt for a while. She'll work and try to figure out what to do about college. I'm excited for her, because I know she'll have a great time there. My aunt is a lot of fun and will definitely take care of Hannah and make sure that she is safe. I just wish she wouldn't be so far away.

Anyway, since graduation is only a few months away, I picked up a cute little 6x6 scrapbook yesterday. I spent the whole evening going through old pictures and just can't wait to get started on a scrapbook just for Hannah. It's going to be so much fun and I hope it turns out well. I have a ton of pictures so the hard part is going to be choosing which ones to use.

I'll post some pages as they're finished. Wish me luck!


Chris said...

Good luck with the graduation album! I imagine that trying to condense 18 years of pictures into an album will be tough! Are you going to have a "school years" kind of theme or a bit of everything. If school, there are a bunch of cute papers out- one for each grade.

The Hallman Tribe said...

i can't wait to see what you come up with. i feel your pain about your girl graduating....NOT looking forward to that time in my life when morgan leaves the house!!!! just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes!!! keep us posted on the album....excited!

allison kreft said...

hey michelle, i just picked your name for the hambly screen prints giveaway....(i couldn't find your e-mail, send me your address when you get a chance) congrats!