Sunday, February 25, 2007


Man, it's cold here! I'm ready for spring for sure. I hope that darn groundhog was right. We had a really bad snow storm the week before last. Here's a look at the backyard on the 13th:

There is still so much snow on the ground. I hate that, because after the first day, the snow gets all brown and yucky-looking. I like my snow white, thank you very much.

It was pretty sunny yesterday though, which was nice for Brian because he just got some new sunglasses :) He went to the optometrist Wednesday to make sure that his eyesight hasn't been affected by the diabetes and we were happy to find out that his prescription hasn't changed at all! He had one of those retinal scans and everything looks good there too.

We both feel very fortunate that things are going as well as they are with the diabetes. His sugar is consistently below 200 now. Yesterday morning it was even 113 and one day last week it was 93! He's doing so well with the diet changes and the rest of us are just eating the same foods as he is so we're all eating healthier. I'm very proud of him for doing the right things, including cutting back on the alcohol when we go out. I'm not really doing that one with him yet :)

We bought a new washer yesterday! The one we have is soooooo old and soooooo noisy. I can't wait until it comes home and we get it set up, it's really nice. We also stopped at Joann to look at fabric for living room curtains, that was a lot of fun! Brian is an artist so it's really fun to do those things with him and watch his artistic mind at work. I love it. After Joann, we went to Borders. I reserved a copy of the new Harry Potter book and got these stickers:

I was only supposed to take one but I wanted them both so I took one of each! I kept "Snape is a very bad man" and gave "Trust Snape" to Casey. We're huge HP fans, love the books and the movies. Brian got me a Gryffindor scarf for Christmas and I wear it every day :) I seriously can't wait for the next book to come out but I'm really sad that it's the last one.

Alright, that's enough pointless posting for today! I'm off to visit blogs and Tallyscrapper and then hopefully I'll get some scrapping done. I took a great picture of Brian wearing his new sunglasses yesterday that I really want to do a layout with.

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