Monday, May 07, 2007


Brian got a new job, he starts next Monday. Big relief...and this is something he can do for a while, hopefully, no slow season layoffs or anything like that. Casey had a band concert tonight, that was a lot of fun! She's not taking band next year though, which makes me kinda' sad. I had so much fun in high school band, but she's not really into it anymore. She's also not taking choir, she's taking art and a journalism class instead. Can't complain about that! It's funny to me how she's already thinking about college and planning her classes to prepare for that. She doesn't seem old enough yet. But I'm proud of her for thinking ahead, we just need to talk her out of going to college out West. I don't think I could handle that!

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Christine said...

definitely stay close to momma on the college thing! Journalism and stuff sounds fun! I hope my son continues with band but I think in highschool he won't do it anymore even tho' he's a natural at it. Bummer. Yay for Brian!