Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

It's been a great one so far. We dressed up as a rock band at work:

Super fun!!! And Casey dressed up like she was going to a masquerade ball:

She's wearing my old prom dress, which cracks me up. It made Brian sad though, because in a year or two, she'll be going to her own prom :( She went trick or treating with a friend so we stayed home to pass out candy:

Good day, hope yours was fun too!


elizabeth said...

That is one tough looking rock band! Love it!

The Hallman Tribe said...

looks like everyone had a blast. love the band, and i feel brian's pain on seeing your girl grow up on ya........glad your halloween was a hit!!!!

PS.....we are still friends, but still got to CHEER for my Cowboys, hehehehehehe......i was born and raised in DALLAS texas......ya know how that goes.....LOL good luck (NOT) on Sunday, hehehehehe

Chris said...

Love the rock band. You even have a roadie!

Casey mask is super cute.