Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wow, I haven't updated in forever!

Not much going on, I guess. We did celebrate Hannah's birthday on the 14th, that was fun. She picked the Olive Garden for her dinner, Brian's mommy went with us, and Stephen was home that day so he went too. It was so good and we had a nice time. We bought her one of those digital photo frames. She never prints her digital pictures and this way, when she moves we can send her pictures. Stephen also bought her a dozen roses, which was really sweet.

In other news, I'm sick. I've been feeling crappy since Thursday, bleh. Last night was the worst, I hope, so I'm thinking that maybe it's all uphill from there and I should be better by tomorrow.

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving already! How crazy is that? It seems way too early this year. Oh well, what can you do? We're going to Brian's brother's house, that should be fun. I like his family, they are all really cool. I have Friday off too, so excited about that, four day weekend, baby!

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The Hallman Tribe said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!

LOVE the Olive Garden! What a great choice in dinning!!!! Roses are always nice.

Have a great week, and get well soon!