Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So we had an impromptu party Saturday night with Brian's friends from work. It was a lot of fun! A chair got broken, the chip table got knocked over, the dog swallowed a chicken bone and Stephen got sick...sounds like a great party :) I didn't take a lot of pictures, since most of the people there were strangers to me but the ones I took were pretty funny. I'll try to upload some tonight.

This weekend, Brian's band is having their CD release party. So cool, I'm really excited for the guys. They worked hard on their CD and it sounds freakin' awesome!

Random: here is the picture that Brian took of me for Tami's Love your Body challenge. It's not as daring as most of the other pictures but I loooooove how it turned out:


The Hallman Tribe said...

glad you all had fun, and i love the picture!!!!!

good luck with the challenge

Rachel Whetzel said...

oooooooh! I love your tattoo!