Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last weekend...

was such a blast! Brian got four tickets to the Cincinnati Reds game last Sunday and we went with my sister and brother-in-law. We drove up Saturday afternoon and stayed the night at a hotel. Had a great dinner at LaRosa's and played cards and drank beers and listened to music and had a great time.

The game was a lot of fun too! The Reds won 8-2, I think. And we got to see Mr. Redlegs:


We had awesomely close seats. We were this close to third base (that's Ken Griffey, Jr leading off):


Cincinnati is so cool! Brian lived there for like, 10 years. It's where he went to college and he just loves it so much. We went downtown before the game and walked along some river:



The park there is amazing, and the weather was beautiful. He loved showing us around and reminiscing about the days when he lived there. We're going to try to go back next month. My brother-in-law's band is doing some interview thing and maybe a show there so we're going to go too and hang out and see more sights.


The only bad part of the weekend was that I got a sunburn - ouch! And we spent a little too much money, but it was totally worth it. And we made up for it by doing absolutely nothing this weekend :) I did some scrapping, which was lots of fun. You can check out my layouts at if you want. That place rocks!

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Christine said...

those are great pics! love it!