Thursday, June 15, 2006


So my baby brother got married earlier this month. They kinda' eloped because no family went with them, just two of their friends. No biggie...I mean, I would have liked to have been there but that's just how he is. It's nothing personal, he's just very private and doesn't spend much time with the rest of the family. We were invited to the celebration party this past Saturday so that was cool. I really, really like his new wife. She takes good care of him and keeps him in line :)

I took this picture of them at the party and plan to give them this page in one of those display frames.

I think it turned out well. She has the most beautiful blue eyes so I wanted to highlight them. I thought the paper was perfect for newlyweds and it made the layout really easy! You can't really tell from the picture but the brads holding down the vellum are blue pearl from SEI. Love them, a lot. I sure hope they like it.


Christine R said...

love it!!

i'm sure they will cherish it as a new couple. beautifully done!

now on to the blog-love that too! i wish i was able to do more things like that. it's so gorgeous. i'm just plain dumb when it comes down to that stuff!

Brittany's Corner said...

Love the LO....I bet the will appreciate all your work. Nice job.

Love the new BLOG!!