Sunday, July 23, 2006

something for Sara

My friend Sara has been through a lot in the last few months. First, her very best friend died of breast cancer. She had been fighting for years but wasn't able to beat it. It was a long battle, full of ups and downs. She was in a coma for about two weeks before she passed away. She was in her early 40s with two young girls and a husband. It was really hard on Sara, she loved Patty very much.

Not even two weeks later, another of her very good friends, who we both worked with, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Angie was 34 years old, and had two small children (2 and 5) and a husband who worshipped her. To my knowledge we still don't know what happened. She was a great, funny, smart lady and we all miss her so much. Especially Sara, they were really close.

She's been really depressed for the last month and a half, understandably so. But she's slowly getting better, smiling and joking more often and getting through more workdays without crying. For a while there, I was afraid she wasn't going to make it. I'm so happy that she's feeling better, it's good to see her laughing again.

We've been looking through some of her old pictures and she's putting up ones that make her happy at her desk. I had some of those Laura Ashley mini-albums from Michaels laying around and decorated the pages of one for her this weekend. Since my digital camera is in Colorado with Hannah this week, I scanned a few of my favorite pages instead:

I think it turned out really cute. It was a lot fun to make. I hope she likes it and fills it with lots of pictures that make her smile.


Christine R said...

I'm so sorry for yours and your friend's loss! Losing someone is just so painful. There are no words-just that I am sorry.

Wow..Michelle what a touching gift! She's really, really going to love it and I must say great layouts! Simply beautiful!I'm glad she has a friend like you to help her through this time. Thoughts are with you guys!

Brittany's Corner said...

That is so sweet of you to think of her this way. I couldn't imagine going through what she has just gone through and not have good friends by my side. The mini album is wonderful and I love the way you did it. You are a great lady!!!!! Good job!