Tuesday, August 29, 2006

If I knew then...

Here's my response to the challenge on Everyone is Speshal:

Sorry for the bad photo. It was hard to take a picture without catching the flash on that transparency. You get the idea though. Here is the journaling:

I wouldn't change a thing. Every day, every step brought me to you. There are lots of things that I regret but I don't spend a lot of time thinking about them anymore. All the pain and the tears and the mistakes made me who I am today. I'm finally living the life I always wanted and I wouldn't risk changing it for all the good times in the world.

Love the paper, love my Hambly and the primas. I love everything about this page. It really makes me happy!


Christine R said...

Such touching journaling!
The page is so awesome..I can't say enough on how great it is! Great job! I got to get me some of those transparencies!

The Girls said...

aw its beautiful and such touching journaling!! Thanks for taking part :)

Brittany's Corner said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! i love your journaling!!! i love this page!