Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I don't watch Survivor, never have. We don't watch an reality television, well...that's not true. We did watch Rock Star: INXS and we occasionally watch The Simple Life, which probably isn't reality tv. And I did watch the Britney Spears Chaotic thing one day, which probably doesn't count either. I did get talked into Christine's Survivor thing though. Hell it's only five dollars worth of stuff plus mailing cost and it does sound like fun. I went to the scrapbook store today at lunch and picked up some goodies to send out. Hope you like them!

While I was there I noticed that they have the Bohemia line by My Mind's Eye that everyone is so crazy about, including me. It's even more gorgeous in real life! I picked up a couple of things from You & Me but I seriously wanted almost all of it. I can't wait to use it!!!

I might have to start following the Survivor results on the internet now. I bet my guy goes out on the first show :)


Brittany's Corner said...

i am with you!!!! i don't watch survivor, but plan to this time.... i am sure my guy will go out on the second round if yours goes out in the first!!!wishing you and i lots of good

Christine R said...

everyone has been saying their's will go out on the first round and to be honest...that's okay with me! I mean why not...let's knock out twenty in the first week...especially if your sending MME in your five dollar donation!

Michelle said...

Sorry, Christine, I saved all the MME for myself. It's just so gorgeous!