Monday, September 25, 2006

Here's the deal...

about me not updating this thing very often. It was supposed to be just a place to post layouts and keep track of other scrapbooking blogs. But then, something very cool and unexpected happened. I found out how open and accepting this whole online community is, I honestly had no idea. And I made some awesome friends, people I would totally hang out with in real life :) So for you, my lovelies, I'll make sure to update with other stuff besides scrapbooking. I'll even try to update more often. Happy now?

We had a great weekend. Friday night we went to watch my brother-in-law's band play and Brian played a couple of songs with them. Man, I love seeing him onstage. So hot!!! Of course by the time we got home it was 4am so I was too tired (and a little too drunk) to follow up on that thought.

Our friends who had Brian in their wedding last month are pregnant!!! She's five weeks, so apparently it's a honeymoon baby. We're really so happy for them, they're such nice and fun people and we love them a lot. So at the end of May, we'll have a new baby to play with. Leave it to a teacher to get pregnant in the summer and have a due date at the end of the school year.

We kept our youngest nephew overnight on Saturday after the Buckeyes game. That was fun too. He is so adorable, always smiling. The next morning after he went home, Hannah said that we need a baby. Completely took me by surprise! Unfortunately, I can't have anymore or we would probably have one by now.

Things with the hamster are going well. Casey's had him for a week now. Funny hamster story...she brought his cage out into the living room the other night so we could see him. Hannah and I like to watch him, he's a silly little thing. Part of his cage opens up so you can pet him or pick him up or whatever and he loves to put his little white paws on the edge and peek over. He's probably plotting an escape but it's still pretty cute :)

Anyway, Hannah kept putting her finger in front of his face and he would smell it and try to nibble on it. He got her a couple of times, but nothing major. The third time though, he must have startled her because she quickly pulled her hand out of the cage. Only problem is the hamster was still attached! He let go and went flying over her head and landed safely on the couch. I think he was pretty scared because he didn't move at all. I was scared too because I didn't know where he landed and the dog was in the room with us. Luckily though, no one was hurt and we all had a nice little laugh about it.

And to round out the weekend, I took the girls to see Cars yesterday afternoon. Cute movie, we liked it a lot. I also managed to get some scrapping done, but didn't finish any pages. I have a ton of stuff going on at the moment. Not sure how that happened but I'd like to make some progress on it soon!

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Christine R said...

Thank you for the low down on what's been going on with you! You have been a busy lady! Glad your having fun and got some scrappin' done! Wow..that wouldv'e been a fun site to see a hamster go flying and land on your couch. Glad he's working out and all is well wit hhim!