Monday, September 18, 2006

Quick layout

Apparently, I need to update my blog. At least that's the rumor going around :) Busy weekend last weekend. Casey got a hamster. She named him Larry after her grandpa. Larry the hamster is quite a little cutie! Here's a small layout about the two of them:

Casey picked the paper, which is cute but doesn't really go with the pictures. Oh well, I still like it. It's in desperate need of some journaling but otherwise it's done. We love the little hamster tag!


Christine R said...

I agree with the rumor going around about your lack of posting!! JK.
Such a cute layout! We had a hamster once but one quickly turned into like 12 until they accidentally got tipped over outside while cleaning their cage-oops.

Brittany's Corner said...

hope the hamster works out better than my DOG!!!!!

love the page...great job...and yes I was wondering when you were gonna update! but i am a slacker too

Christine R said...

umm if you updated before cos I asked maybe you will again...

can a girl get an update!