Friday, September 01, 2006

It's a new day

And I'm feeling a lot better about things. Thank you guys for your sympathy and kind words, I really appreciate your friendship. You are wonderful and I feel very lucky to have you as friends :)

I'm focusing on the positives again. I'm working on my Becky Higgins sketch page, using some great old pictures of the girls and taking a new one today after work for the 12 x 6. I really can't wait to get it finished. It's amazing how this hobby is so uplifting, it makes me so happy. I'm taking a trip to Archiver's after work today to pick up some embellishments and a gold ink pad hopefully.

Also on the positive side, the OSU Buckeyes football season starts this weekend. We're going to watch it with some friends on Saturday and it should be a lot of fun. We haven't seen them since they got back from their honeymoon. And it's a holiday weekend even though I'm working for a few hours tomorrow. And it's our anniversary on Monday!!! Two years, it sounds so silly to say that considering that most people we know have been married forever. Then again, we're ahead of our friends Shane and Beth who have been married for two weeks :) This is the "cotton" anniversary. That will be a tough one!

Better get back to work. Four more hours to go today.


Chris said...

The 2nd anniversary is also "China". I gave my DH a T-shirt and a gravy boat.

Brittany's Corner said...

can't wait to see your layout from Becky....i did my FEB 8X11 1/2 yesterday. I am doing the March 12X12 today!!! I am with you 100 %...I love this hobby!!!! Have a great time!!!!

Michelle said...

A t-shirt and a gravy boat...that cracked me up. When I told Brian about cotton and china and he said he would get me napkin from the Chinese restaurant. How romantic!

Christine R said...

love your man's response! can't beat humor!

excited to see your layout! maybe next year you'll hit a CKU with us?? Just a thought!

Glad your starting to feel better! I'm sure I will be asking your advice when mine get older.

Michelle said...

About CKU...I was actually thinking about trying to go to one next year but didn't want to go alone. Thanks for the invite, you're the best. I'll see if I can make it, it sounds like a blast!