Friday, October 27, 2006

I turned our pictures from the pumpkin patch into a mini book. Look how cute it turned out:

Heidi Grace paper and cardboard stickers, love the HG Halloween stuff! I've had this blank chipboard book for a few months and finally got to use it. I wasn't too sure about closing it with ribbon but that's what I did and I guess it worked fine. I hope to get some more scrapping done this weekend. I have tons of new photos to play with :)


Christine R said...

Love love love it! It's so cute and your right those papers rock! Have fun scrapbooking this weekend-wish I was=(

Christine R said...

have i told you lately that i love you...oops i meant to say have i told you lately that i find your blog refreshing. Why you ask? Because you always update your blog lists. You put in new blogs and take out others. Every few weeks I see there are more blogs you recommend that I must check out and they are good. So how did you find my blog when you did...just browsing? Curious. Anyhow I love that. Even if you don't update daily I will find a new person you recommend. Love that.

Michelle said...

What a nice compliment, I'm glad you like my links. I love finding new blogs to read and usually only drop someone if they don't update on a weekly basis. Not that I update that often all the time ;)

Got your card today, thanks! I sent one to you earlier this week. Hope you get it soon!

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention that I did find your blog just from browsing. How amazing is that? What a big coincidence, with so many unexpected benefits!

Brittany's Corner said...

love the the colors, pics, everything!! GREAT JOB!