Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yes, again.

Brian's dad is in the hospital again. He was admitted last night with chest pains. We were there until after 11:30 last night and as soon as he gets home and takes a shower, we're going back.

He's doing okay now. The pains stopped last night, thanks to some good drugs. The doctors are running some tests today and he might have to get a Cardiac Catheterization tomorrow, depending on the results of the stress test he had this afternoon. I hope they find out what is causing these pains. At least he's at a better hospital and they seem to be committed to finding the problem. This last time he was vomitting too, which is really not good for him. And I hate to see Brian so worried.

We're not even sure when he's getting out of the hospital yet, possibly tomorrow but maybe not. I should know more later tonight.

Hope everyone else is doing okay.


Christine R said...

Whoah! Tell Brian we are thinking of you guys!! I'm so sorry and hope tomorrow you have answers with solutions and that all will be well. I was just about to email you and ask if everything is okay. Glad I checked here first. If there is anything I can do please ask...sending some prayers.

Brittany's Corner said...

i hope all goes well with the testing and they find the cause! i will be thinking of you and your family!!!!