Thursday, October 19, 2006

He's home

Brian's dad is finally home from the hospital. We brought him home at about 7:30 tonight. The doctors decided that he has Barrett's Esophagus, which makes me want to jokingly ask what Barrett does without his :) So his medication has been adjusted and he'll have to watch his diet a little more closely, but hopefully things will get better for him soon. Three trips to the ER in the last two months or so isn't good for any of us, especially him.

It's been such a long, crappy week right after the long, crappy week we had last week when I was sick. I'm exhausted but glad that everything is okay. Looking forward to the weekend, hoping to do some scrapbooking and happy that we're all doing better.

In other news, Stephen is home again. I missed him.


Christine R said...

Good news that he's home and that there is a diagnosis!

I'm sorry you've had a crappy week. I know how it feels and here is to a restful, fullfilling weekend with no crap.

Glad he's home. Good starts.

Brittany's Corner said...

happy for yall that his dad is now home......maybe next week will be better