Monday, November 20, 2006

Another reason why I love him so much

The other day Brian and I were sitting in the living room, probably talking about our day and maybe watching some tv. I was wearing some shoes that Hannah had left in the living room (no reason) and I put my foot on the coffee table to show Brian. He reminded me that we're not supposed to put shoes on the table so I kiddingly put it on a scrapbook instead. He gently hit me on the leg and said, "Don't do that to your artwork."

How sweet is that? Not only does he support my hobby/habit, but he gets it and appreciates it and respects it. He's just amazing...I'm so lucky.


Brittany's Corner said...

soooo sweet. sounds like you found one terrific guy!!!!!!!!!!

Christine R said...

don't you love when they do that. I love when i catch my family looking at the scrapbooks or their interest in a page.