Monday, November 20, 2006

an actual layout!

What do you know? I did a LO for myself. These girls are my nieces. I got these pictures last night at my nephew's birthday party and just had to scrap them as soon as possible. I like how this turned out, the paper is even more beautiful in person.

They are such sweet girls, even if they're a little boy crazy :)


Christine R said...

Gorgeous!! love what you did with the stamps! wish I had some nieces!

Brittany's Corner said...

love that age i remember being crazy about the boys. i bet you are an awesome aunt to have!!!

Debbie (Godzoned) said...

The whole layout/picts/stamps etc are placed just right.

Boy crazy is showing that they are normal teens. ;)

Michelle said...

Thanks, ladies!

Christine, I have five nieces, all beautiful and I wish you had some too.

Britt, I am considered the aunt who talks the kids into doing crazy or silly things with me. I don't think their parents think it's awesome but I hope they do!

Debbie, I'm just worried about when my daughter starts to like boys :)