Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I got my RAK from Joanna Bolick today!!! Holy cow, she sent me sooooo much stuff. I am so amazed and so surprised and so grateful and so happy! Check it out:

Can you believe it? I can't wait to start using it. Those velvet phrases will be put to good use right away in my baby album. The thing I'm most excited about is the AL stamp set. How cute are they? Love it all!!!

So, I'll be working from home tomorrow. Casey isn't feeling well. When I got home she was in bed sleeping. She never takes naps so I knew right away she was sick. I actually saw it coming yesterday but she wouldn't admit it. Poor kid, she hates to miss school but I'm putting my foot down.


Christine R said...

okay wow that is a LOT of LOOT! whenever i see a giveaway I'm going to give you my password to enter me-your so darn lucky! that is an enormous amt. of goodies and I immediately eyed that stamp set! Lucky!! Hope your little one is feeling better real soon. How nice that you can work from home tomorrow to be with her. Have fun and I hope she feels better real soon. (still in awe of your winnings!)

sherryann said...

Sign me up I would love an RAK.

Jamie said...

WOW that is some loot, have fun:)