Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pretty good weekend! We did some x-mas shopping yesterday with Casey and my brother. That was fun and we got a lot of people crossed off the list. We also went to see my brother-in-law's band last night. Brian played a song with the band and was awesome as usual. It was Brian's night to drive home, yay! I had a few beers and a great time. Today was football and relaxing, perfect.

The only bad part of the weekend was that my brother had a small altercation at a bar on Friday and hit the back of his head on a table. He came over at about 1am and wanted me to look at it. He had a good-sized gash and looked like it needed stitches. So I spent about half an hour trying to convince him to go to the hospital before he would let me take him in. It turned out that he needed six staples, which was really gross. He's going to be okay of course. I did take pictures but don't expect to see a scrapbook page of those :)


Brittany's Corner said...

glad your weekend went soooo good. sorry to hear about your bro....good he has such a great sis@!!!!!

Christine R said...

OUCH!! I'm such a fraidycat!! The weekend sounds are you back to bloggin' regularly or is it just that time of the year?

Michelle said...

Yeah, it was pretty nasty looking. I still took pictures though, so he could see how bad it was. I told him I was going to make a scrapbook page but I was mostly kidding :)

He didn't think I was such a great sister when I was bullying him into going to the hospital but afterwards he was glad!