Friday, December 01, 2006

Did I already mention that I was submitting my "All About Me" album for a drawing at the Fiskateers blog? Seriously, you guys need to get over there. Add it to your list of blogs immediately because May (one of the lead Fiskateers) is giving stuff away almost every day this month.

Anyway, I won! But before you all call me lucky, I was the only one to finish my entry in time. Still, I don't mind. I got tons of stuff. Check it out:

Tons of stuff, right? I'm telling you, go there now!!!


Brittany's Corner said...

great save tons of money doing these prize winning blogs huh? lucky you, lol. i will be checking that site out later today. tfs

Christine R said...

okay do you buy lotto tickets?? if so will you buy a scratch off and mail it to me..i want to test my theory of your luck!! awesome and so deserving! i did register on the blog thing I think. i need to get on it!