Thursday, January 25, 2007

So here's the layout I've been working on. I seriously love these pictures and I got to use my circle cutter:

Check out the bottom right picture, it's the best!

I'll post my year 2006 in review next time. I have to think about it more :)


Christine said...

Love it!! and a bonus cos a pic of you is in the layout! My lucky day!

ummm...why would they have the backs painted, unless it's to watch and laugh at people posing??

The Hallman Tribe said...

i couldn't see it.....i will try and come back and see it later on...just don't want to come and leave with a comment!

Chris said...

I love how this LO came out. I just bought a circle cutter so I may need to steal this design idea.

Colleen E said...

Great LO! Did you use the new EK circle cutter to get that nice big size? Sorry to hear about your dh - doesn't matter if 2 mill. people have it - it's your dh's first....xo