Thursday, March 01, 2007

Good news, sort of.

Well, at least it's not bad news. Brian is feeling so much better, which is actually great news. His antibiotics are kicking that infection's ass and are also lowering his sugar, so yay! And we found out last night that he isn't going to lose his job because of being out sick all week, so yay for that too. Seriously, that was a possibility, as ridiculous as that sounds, so I am very relieved.

Here's a layout I finished last night. I'm sure everyone who visits my blog has already seen this at Tallyscrapper, but just in case:

The journalling reads: February has been a rough month for us. On the second, we found out that Brian has diabetes and then on the twenty-seventh, we found out that he also has Diverticulitis. So we're both feeling a little down these days. It's okay though because everything will be just fine as long as we have each other...


The Barefooted Scrapper said...

Michelle, I am so glad to hear that Brian is feeling better! I have been checking in the last few days and was getting worried.
The layout is gorgeous!!!!


Colleen E said...

Really cute LO!