Friday, July 06, 2007

Things have calmed down a little. My stepdad is doing much better now, he's out of the hospital and now he's actually making an effort to eat right and take care of himself, which is a big relief.

The boy, well, the boy is still job-hunting. And hopefully staying out of trouble. Casey is still in Utah, until the 29th. We all really miss her and can't wait until she gets back.

We had a great time on the 4th. Went to my sister's house for a cookout and then watched the fireworks. I took some great photos, I'm picking them up in about ten minutes and then I'm scrapping like crazy! Brian is at band practice so I have the house to myself right now. I've done one layout already and can't wait to work on some more.

Off to check out Britt's blog. Thanks so much for the comments, guys! You're the best ;)

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Christine said...

happy things are picking up and a house to yourself with scrapbook supplies...ummm...the best!