Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Not much going on here, work is kicking my ass but that seems like old news. Brian has been working overtime lately, which is awesome for our bills but not so awesome for family time. Casey started school last week and seems to be loving it. Hannah is in Boston right now, visiting my aunt and uncle. She gets home next week, we really miss her!

Casey is a vegetarian again these days. She was a vegetarian for quite a while when she was small, like 3 or 4. For some reason, she just started freaking out about meat at a restaurant and was calling the waiters and cooks had to be there to see how hilarious it was. That lasted for at least six months and she was so into it I used to have to send her to another part of the grocery store so I could pick out meat for the rest of the family :)

Anyway, she's not as fanatical about it now, thankfully! She doesn't get mad when we eat meat but she's been a vegetarian for almost a month now. At least she's eating well, lots of fruit vegetables and peanut butter and tofu and stuff. We had stir-fry for dinner, with lots of yummy tofu, and chicken on the side cooked in a different pan. Silly kid. She made us some really yummy smoothies too. GOod dinner!

What else? I'm having a hard time scrapping lately. Must be the work-stress zapping my mojo. Or it's PMS, I can't decide. Either way, I have some awesome new stuff, lots of pictures and no desire to use them. Oh well, it will come back soon, I'm sure. Until then, I'm just trying to relax. Not sure if it's working.

Can't wait for the long weekend!!!

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