Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm feeling very thankful for small things right now. Thankful that I'm happy and that I have a job that pays pretty well that I don't hate. Thankful for my amazing kids and my wonderful husband. Thankful that they are all doing so well right now.

Casey is babysitting again, for a family with three small boys who adore her. She broke her phone a couple of weeks ago and just got a new one tonight thanks to my brother. It's an enV and she is in heaven!

Hannah is doing well, she is out with friends right now which really makes me happy. She's been packing up her stuff and getting ready to move to Boston next month, which makes me very sad but very proud. I'm really going to miss her but I am hopeful that she will have a great time.

Stephen is working, which rocks, and likes his job. He is writing music and yesterday he kissed a girl, which made his day. I'm incredibly glad that he is doing well, nothing makes me happier.

Brian is painting, seriously! He's painting as I type this. I can't even describe how I feel right now. I've known him for six years and he's never painted once that whole time. He was a pretty big deal as an artist in school and he just stopped a while back. I'm thrilled that he's painting, and he's painting something for me!!!

Could this day get any better? Maybe if I get some later ;)

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The Hallman Tribe said...

ohhhh, i can't wait to see what he painted you. I bet it is wonderfuL!!!

it's always great to be happy about ones life. i know i am thankful everyday for mine! :-)