Saturday, July 26, 2008

Great day!

Tomorrow is going to be great, Casey and I are playing tennis, I'm so excited!!! She is trying to join the tennis team at school and has been practicing like crazy. She needs to work on her serve and her volleying so we're going to do that for a while. I haven't played tennis in forever, so I think it's going to be so much fun!

We saw a matinee of the Dark Knight earlier, so fucking amazing!!! Oh my gosh, Harvey Dent was scary and Heath Ledger was as incredible as everyone has been saying. I agree with Casey that Iron Man is still my favorite move from this year, but this one is probably a very close second. After that, we took Casey shopping for shoes for tennis and had a little dinner at Cosi. Good stuff!

Tonight we watched "License to Wed" with John Krasinski - yum! I have a bit of a thing for Jim Halpert, he's the wallpaper on my laptop. Brian was teasing me about him being on the television and on the screen of my laptop at the same time and asked me if I wanted to print out some pictures of him to put around the room. Ha! Cute movie, of course, and I had fun watching it with my sweet husband.

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