Wednesday, January 28, 2009

two months

More than two months actually - it's been forever since I've updated this thing! That's crazy. This second job is taking all my free time, the time I used to spend doing creative things like scrapping or taking pics or writing. I don't know...I feel like I don't do anything but work and rest and work some more. I spend time with Brian and the kid and my sister but I don't have much time for me these days.

Brian's hours got cut back at work, he's only getting 24 hours per week, which is terrible. We're still getting by, but things are getting tough and we're going to have to start cutting back soon. I hate that. Hate watching every penny we spend, because we work hard and should be able to enjoy ourselves when we want to. Crap, I don't know...I'm tired.


rachel whetzel said...

I hear you on so many levels, woman!! SO MANY.

Christine said...

hugs Michelle!

I didn't even know you had a second job, glad you updated! Hang in there!