Saturday, May 09, 2009

I don't mean to ignore this thing, but sometimes life is so crazy I can't find the time to post. Plus not that many people read this...probably because I don't update! Anyway, my uncle is doing okay. Chemo and radiation treatments are ongoing, and he is gaining some weight, although not much. So yay.

The problem now is my youngest sister, who is currently in rehab. Again. She's been doing drugs, including heroin from what we have been told. She's been arrested for shoplifting, for drug money, and spent 10 days in jail earlier this year. Got out of jail and ended up in the hospital about 3 days later after OD'ing. She totalled her car a couple of weeks ago and one of her passengers was pretty seriously injured. She doesn't speak to us much anymore. We still get to see the boys a lot, so at least there's that.

What else? My stepdad isn't speaking to me at the moment. He's angry with me because he doesn't think I come over to visit enough. He doesn't want to hear about how busy I am at work and how I don't get home until after 6:00 most days. He doesn't know about my shitty childhood and probably wouldn't care if he did know. It's fine though, I don't need the stress he adds to my life right now anyway. I won't miss calls from him as soon as I get home asking for milkshakes from Wendy's. Whatever.

Good stuff: we're hanging out at my sister's house tonight. Her birthday was Thursday and even though she and I split a 12-pack of beer that night, we're having a few more tonight. And a cookout, so yum! Tomorrow we're going to see the new Star Trek movie, I seriously can't wait!!! I am a huge Star Trek fan and the new movie looks amazing.

I owe someone a PIF RAK. I'll post about that later this weekend, I promise, Christi!!!

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hugs michelle!