Sunday, October 22, 2006

Such a perfect weekend. I stayed home and worked on Friday and spent the evening doing pretty much nothing. Saturday was beautiful, the weather was amazing. We watched the Buckeyes game, came home and I took a nap, did some housework and went out to dinner with Brian. We had a quiet evening at home, Casey was babysitting and Hannah was working. We watched Thank You for Smoking, which is hilarious! Today has been football and scrapping and shopping. Does it get any better? I am feeling very relaxed and rested and ready for tomorrow.

These are the pages I did:

Our "sick day" pictures...I didn't do much with this page, I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe I should have waited a little longer :)

I love how this turned out. The picture isn't that great though. The little journalling tag is from Rhonna Farrer. I downloaded some free stuff forever ago and finally found a chance to use it! So cute.

I wish I had gotten more stuff done, but I won't complain I guess. One cool scrap-related thing though, Brian's mom gave us a medicine cabinet that she found somewhere and Brian got it hung up today. I have a ton of storage that I didn't have before and my table is almost empty! I sure do need a real table for scrapping. Maybe I'll put that on my Christmas list...


Christine R said...

sounds like a great thing to ask for for xmas! glad you had a great weekend..i don't think it gets much better than what you described! love the pages!!! that medicine cabinet sounds awesome!

Brittany's Corner said...

great the sick day one. very good job