Saturday, November 25, 2006

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Dinner with Brian's family, dessert with mine. There was tons to eat, great company and it was a lot of fun. We saw some amazing pictures that Brian's nephews took. They have been in the Bahamas for school for the last three months. I'm going to have some of them printed and make a minibook for Brian. Here's my favorite:

How gorgeous is that? Lucky boys :)


Christine R said...

so gorgeous and a place I'd like to be right now instead of on my couch watching college football!! how does he go to school in the bahamas? sounds like a great thanksgiving!!

Brittany's Corner said...

beautiful photo!!! i would love to be there right now!

glad your thanksgiving was sooo wonderful!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing picture. I would have loved to have seen that, its beautiful!