Friday, October 10, 2008

I feel like I need to post again, to say that we're slowly moving on. And we are, things feel normal most of the time again. Updates bullet-style:

  • Brian is out with work peeps tonight - which is cool. One of his friends is in a band and they are opening up for the Misf!ts and he is going to see them. Casey and I might go get ice cream from Coldstone Creamery, if the other car will start for me (it doesn't like me anymore).
  • Tomorrow we're going to a party deal with my work peeps. It's an annual event, lots of fun, good food and free beer. Rock! We always have a good time, and it's fun to meet everyone's families and hang out with their kids. After that, I'm hoping to go out with my sister and her husband for drinks - it's Brian's birthday on Monday!!!
  • Sunday, my sisters and I are doing the Walk Now for Autism thing in Columbus, should be fun too. I'm looking forward to it and I raised a good amount of money so I'm kinda' proud of that :)
  • Monday, like I mentioned, is Brian's birthday - yay! We're planning to go to Mitchell's Steakhouse for dinner, we're both looking forward to that. We hear really good things about it. Yum!

No more blogging, off to scrap!

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